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2010 Takizawa Kakumei
drinking bird
Some recent newspaper photos of Takizawa Kakumei, credit to Nyanco and Michelle.

Really flying through the air and water!

Frankly, he looks a bit like a Xmas tree top angel with the light right behind him, albeit slightly ragged.

A very wet crusader?

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I really love him flying through the air thru water like that...kakkoii~ O.O Sugeee the way he flies too like that...wow! Chotto abunai yo? lol Altho, I know he's w/those wires, still. Anything can happen ne. ~_~

*Reiko washes away her 'bad thoughts' in her mind* =_=

Actually, the 2nd one reminds me of MY rendition of Jesus on a cross. lol *runs* (sorry, I dun mean to say any slander whatsoever if I ever meant wrong in ppl's eyes re christianity) I'm not religious and I'm only Shinto buddhist but...I jus thought I'd bring it up that this pic just depicts that image in my mind; that's all. ^_^ XDD

As for the 3rd pic, a *wet* crusader? More like an Asian *wet* commander in battle for 'me'. <33 ^_~

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