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Washington snowstorm saga (continued)
drinking bird
We are digging ourselves out from under some 50cm. of snow... Of course the area was paralyzed Saturday, with just the snowplows going, and the airports and many roads closed. Here are a few more photos:

The rear deck, midnight Friday

The view from my front door, this morning (12/20/09)

We hope this snow is just a bad memory as soon as possible...

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Didn't comment on your last post, because I was basically MIA for the past 30 hours, but..... that is a LOT of snow you've got there o.O *hugs*

Currently we have maybe 8 cm and -5° C. So... normal for this time of the year, I'd say.

Hope your huge amount of snow disappears soon.

Yes, it is more than one likes to see come all at once. It was at most -4 c. today, but at least it was sunny.

Snow is very erratic here. Some winters we have almost nothing, others we get a blizzard.

Ohhhh my goodness, sis...*gambatte* 4 having to continuously shovel snow daily ne? (or more often than usual) =_= Keep ur head up...I'm sure soon (hopefully) this weather will let up soon and the snow will finally get the chance to dissapate somewhat and melt. ~_~

Altho, here where I'm at, SD is supposed to start raining again tomorrow. *sigh* (again!) I'm SO over this rain-thing on our end now. (geez) I want Spring to come! lol :P It'll b Hinamatsuri tomorrow (Girl's Day; March 3) in Japan...will do a short posting again 4 it tom. (or today lol)

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