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drinking bird
One of my favorite occupations is painting. Especially landscapes of the places I have visited. Here are some of them. I will put up others later.

They are, in order, Anasazi ruins (AZ), French road, Irish valley, Virginia river, and Anasazi granaries  (AZ)

Anazasi ruins
French road
Irish valley
Virginia river
Anasazi granaries

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wow!! sugoi ne~~ i love the first one best ^^
we have a couple of talented painters in the fandom now :)

I think in fact that first one may be my best work. I had sent these pics to Azuki, and she seemed to like them, so it encouraged me to post them.
I wish I could do baka comics too. But while I can draw/paint people, I cannot produce a decent cartoon!

(Deleted comment)
I am fond of the road too. But in my case it just reminds me of home!

Wow...very impressive.....You've got talent! Go girl!

Thanks, I appreciate your stopping by and viewing these.

OMG! you drew all these! u r so talented ne~ thanks for sharing them! they are really beautiful to view yo~ ^^

haiiii sis! *huuugs* You've SURELY got talent, I'll tell u this right now. You're better than ME in painting. lol I can't even paint to save my life. *pffft*

But, I can draw somewhat. Just, now I'm too shame to show my Takki-portrait on my LJ or on the forum. *hides* One day, I'll have the guts to finish it and hopefully post it on the forum or on my LJ. >

Those paintings are just sugoi!!!
They really looked like a picture.

You have great talent.
^ o ^

kawaii_asa, thanks, I appreciate the compliment.
I plan to post some others in a while.

wow, that's awesome!!!!

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