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Visit to Japan, part II
drinking bird
Beppu was warm and sunny. It has "hells" also, quite well known. There are rather more, and of varying colors. One sees them in a pleasant park.

Steam escaping from a volcanic pond

Type your cut contents here.

I thought this next one very pretty.

Blue pond

It is rather large. From the toriis at the rear of the photo, you can take a path up the hill to a pleasant view.

Foot bath

This was an off season weekday, so not many people took advantage of the "foot onsen"

Obviously. the red pond

In another city, we saw some rather remarkable displays of mums. Most are beautiful, some are a bit "over the top"

Mum bonsai display

Pink "Fuji" mums

Mum roofed pagoda, not in full bloom yet

We continued along southern Kyushu, ending up in Kagoshima, which has a subtropical climate. Palm tree lined avenues and lots of flowers. Kagoshima used to be an island, but a couple of centuries ago an eruption filled the straight and joined it to the Kyushu mainland.

Basalt ridges along the coast

Sunset on the beach, Kagoshima

We left for Yakushima, which I will talk about in my next post.

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This blue pond pic is absolutely lovely ^__________^

Sometimes it's nice to visit places when there aren't that many other people around. At least nobody walks into your pics and such ^^;;;

+ Thanks for the historical fact about Kagoshima. I didn't know that ^^

i'm here!^^

ahhh... ii ne, i wish i could go to the other places in japan too. i'd love to visit hiraizumi and hokkaido, but before that i'd have to see mt. fuji first lol!

btw, i love the basalt ridges photo.

I have only managed to see Fuji-san clearly from shinkansens, in spite of going twice to Hakone from where you are supposed to get a good view. LOL

Never been to Hokkaido, but loved Hiraizumi. Many memories of Yoshitsune Tono there...

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