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Takki in concert
drinking bird

I amused myself creating this image

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OMG, wow wow...sugeeee!!! <333 *squeees fangirl*

This .gif is really niiiice...I LOVE IT, esp. w/the flames coming up like that...so neat! Now this really looks like a Takkuricon concert ne? *fufufu*

Now, if only you could help me make something for me too doing something similar like this w/a Takki pic I have. *sigh* (pssst...it's for Takki's bday next year LOL) Let me know in an email what I want to ask u about.

You're better than me now because I have the faintest idea in how to make these type of things. *wink* ^_~ Keep it up, sis!

Too bad it won't let me 'save as'. =_=

I saved it now...yaaaaay! I thought it wasn't gonna let me or that this computer I'm using wouldn't let me save it, but it did. *kyaaa* Thanks once again! lol

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