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Spain: Valencia, Barcelona and Segovia
drinking bird
On our way up the east coast of Spain, we made a brief stop in Valencia. Here I saw some intriguing modern buildings. I took pictures, but it was just off a busy road, and I was dodging traffic, so they could be better.

Parabola with palms

I wish I could say what it is, but I don't know. It would have been nice to visit the interior.

Type your cut contents here

This one made me think of a whale...

Another side of the same building

Then it started drizzling lightly, but I did take a few more pictures.

Unidentified structure

Could not help thinking this last one would make a nice railway station or airport...

We did stop in Barcelona, where the Catalan Museum of Art has a wonderful collection. Then on to Madrid. This was my first visit, and I was really impressed. Madrid is a beautiful city with nice tree lined avenues, it reminded me of Paris.

One of the days we went to visit Segovia, not too far away. I enjoyed walking around the old city. It was Sunday, very sunny, and lots of people were about. The city has a little castle that was quite fun to visit..

The Roman aquaduct, Segovia

A rather Itallian-looking square in the old town, Segovia

Castle entrance, Segovia

Sorry about the leaning effect, hard to avoid when taking a picture so close to a building and looking up.

I am about to leave for 2 weeks in Japan, visiting Kyushu, so another hiatus. I hope to bring back many photos of volcanoes and boiling springs!