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drinking bird
Seville was a bit of a surprise to me, because it looked so modern. Yes, there is an important bullfight arena, and the steeple of the cathedral is really the minaret of the ancient mosque, but otherwise it is like any European busy city.

However, Cordoba remains picturesque, even if unfortunately many of the cool, flowered patios are now souvenir shops. I love the cathedral, really a huge mosque, in the middle of which was built a catholic church. A forest of pillars...

Partial view of the interior, Cordoba cathedral

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Detail, Cordoba cathedral

Glimpse towards the catholic apse, Cordoba cathedral

Next we went to Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, although it was not very sunny the first day. It is a popular seaside resort, but in September it is not very busy. We went on to Granada, which has a number of gypsies. They live in an area on the side of a hill where they used to actually occupy caves. But the pride of Granada is the Alhambra, up on a hill overlooking the city. It has wonderful gardens, fountains, and intricately decorated rooms.

One of the buildings, seen from the gardens

Some of the famous fountains

A courtyard entrance

Wall detail, the Alhambra

Harem windows, the Alhambra

I could not stop taking pictures there: the roses, the views, the delicate columns. Truly an enchanted spot.

I guess I should have at least one more entry, to do justice to the very modern buildings of Valencia and the old stones of Segovia.