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Potugal and Spain trip
drinking bird
I haven't posted anything in a long time. Well, I was away some of the time visiting Portugal and Spain. I had been there once before, so some was familiar, but a lot was new.

In Portugal, I got to see Porto and taste the wine of the same name.

Porto fishing boats at anchor

On the way to Lisbon, we stopped in Batalha, one truly beautiful old gothic abbey. Here are some views of it

View through the columns

Side gallery

Wall detail

Lisbon is a charming city on the river Tagus, with many excellent fish restaurants by the water or in town. Ah, grilled sardines! We did visit another old gem, San Geronimo

Glimpse of San Geronimo

We went as well to visit Obidos, not far from Lisbon. It is a lovely old town with a little castle, bright streets were the houses are adorned by flowering bougainvillea and occasionally tiles.

Obidos, the castle

Obidos tile decorated vault.

Then a long drive to Spain. On the way, we tried to see Gibraltar. However, there was a torrential downpour after 9 months of drought, streets were flowded, water to one's ankles, not a success. It was a relief to get to dry, beautiful Sevilla.

I will add some more pictures in a few days. 


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Ah, it's soooooooooo long ago that I was in Lisboa, but it's a nice town.
Nice memories ^^

I can't really remember the abbey, but it looks great!

just found your LJ browsing around and saw this post =)
great pics!
im from portugal.. and u visit my hometown too 'óbidos' =D great! but I'm living more in lisbon cuz of college.
still funny see a T&T fan visit my contry =) hope you had liked Óbidos (and lisbon).

I loved Obidos, I thought it was a lovely town. But in general I like Portugal very much and the food is delicious (ah, vinho verde with grilled sardines!). I like fados too...

I had visited previously and spent about 2 weeks, visiting Faro, Sagres, Tomar, Coimbra, Cintra and a lot of other places. A beautiful country!

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