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Takki-sama concert photo
drinking bird
Just had to put this up. I think the colors, the movement, all make this picture special.
It was taken at the Yokohama concert. Nyanco was kind enough to send it to me, it is her exclusive. Please do not repost!

Green and white

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wow! nice pic! thank you both XD.

wow,what a stunning picture! u can see the fierce eyes behind his gorgeous black hair!!! yeah, i loooove the way he moves!!!@_@

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ takki always looks good esp on white outfits

Totally agree w/gbhonkytonk in that, he really looks *hot* in all-white! I also agree w/helenlu on his fierce eyes in this photo. *melts* @__@

U know what too? The guys wearing those masks reminds me of that one T&T MV, 'Kamen' or Phantom of the Opera. (doesn't it?) I dunno, I think so nyway. And as for the fashion clothes, Takki's always got good taste even w/the backdancers shown here. I always love how there's always an Asian/martial-art/samurai reflection to it somehow. (it's hard to explain...lol) The jackets w/the sashes remind me of a Chinese cheung-sam or Karate. It's really nice pieces he's chosen for them to wear. And the embroidery that goes along w/it is just absolutely beautiful & stunning. I know I don't make sense in how I explain things but, the fabrics to what they wear is simply beautiful.

And I just love the way he dances, esp. in concert dvd videos I've seen so far on him. *dies* Gosh, he's a perfect 'model' to me looking the way he always does, esp. in his dance moves in pictures. O.O Well, he's also not called 'ero-ero King' for nothing either. lol ^_~

LOVE your pic u got here from Nyanco! (lucky dawg, u lol)

Thanks 4 sharing, sis!! *takes pic* I promise not to repost. XDD

Do u have any more pics from her where this one came from by any chance? U can always share w/me by emailing me...hehe~ :P lol Let me know. XDD <333

(god, I can't get over how good he looks here!! @__@)

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