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end of the trip

After a week on Ischia we flew back to Milan.

From there we drove down to the Ligurian coast south of Genoa (a couple of hours or less). My friend has a pied-a-terre at Santa Margherita, a small port on the coast.

a view of the Ligurian coast

a roof garden at Santa Marguerita

On one of the days there, we walked over to Portofino, a well known resort on the coast, about an hour's walk. We ran into a lot of police along the way, as it seems there was some reunion in Santa Margherita, and the prime minister, Berlusconi, who rents a villa in Portofino, had decided to attend.

Portofino is very lovely, but it is so well known it is almost a cliche, the perfect image of an Italian small port. Innumerable paintings depict it.

classic view of Portofino

It is actually quite a deep bay, a good shelter for the boats. the houses are generally narrow and have been extended upwards. The boats used ot be just fishing boats, but nowadays they are pleasure ones. We took a small coastal one to rejoin Santa Margherita. The latter is quieter and less touristy. As the coast is cooler than Milan in the summer, many Milanese have vacation places there, although there are but few beaches, the coast is too abrupt and rocky.

public garden, Santa Margherita

Well, we returned to Milan, my 2 weeks were at an end, and I flew home, thinking it had gone by too fast!


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