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Zion National Park

We decided to have a look at Zion Park since we had a little time and the weather was great. It is definitely worth a longer visit. It is in a very mountainous area, with slot canyons, waterfalls, springs and seeps, many trees and other plants, with often spectacular scenery. We only had a glimpse of it.

approach to Zion
the approach to the park
layers, Zion
rock layers
layered rocks, Zion
deeper in the park

shiste layers
A characteristic feature of Zion seems to be the presence of water under the rocks, enabling the survival of many plants and trees.
rocks and pines
This, plus the cover and food the plants supply, allows an abundant animal life. From fish and lizards through birds, including condors and spotted owls.
Not snow, just white rock at the top!
leaving Zion 2
Leaving Zion. I definitely hope I can return for a longer visit.

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