mit_souko (mit_souko) wrote,

A short visit to Northwest Arizona

I recently stayed a few days in Page, AZ. The purpose was primarily to visit Antelope Canyon, a "slot canyon" located on Navajo Tribal land. The interest of the place is the effect of erosion on the reddish sanstone, and the play of light on the walls and the floor, though this last is more visible in summer than fall or spring.

the entrance
entrance to slot canyon 2

different tones
first encounter with the different tones of the walls
sculpted walls
Looking up

looking up
and again
looking up (2)
a narrow passage
narrow passage
photogs at work (2)
Photographers at work
leaving the canyon
Leaving the canyon.

I am unhappy that somehow the photos colors don't appear as vivid on LJ as on my Picasa album. Imagine it all a little redder, please!

We went on for a very short look at the Grand Canyon, and at Zion Park in Utah on the way back. I will show my photos over the next few days.

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