mit_souko (mit_souko) wrote,

Last few days in Las Vegas

I want to show you some pictures of the garden where we were. It felt like an oasis.

putting green
Please note that this "putting green" is actually artificial grass. In this photo, only the very bottom of the picture shows real turf. The dark wine colored tree is a flowering plum. There are in fact 4 of them.

covered terrace
This is the covered terrace at the rear of the house. It is always shaded and very pleasant. Against the back wall you may be able to distinguish a couple of rosebushes. There are several on the property. Roses seem to do very well in Vegas.

Outside is a common area with mostly shaded walks.


common ground

We went to see Lake Las Vegas, a development and recreation area not far from the city, with an artificial lake. You can go boating or paddle boarding on it, or simply swim. What I found strange, when we arrived, was to see an imitation of Florence's Ponte Vecchio!

Ponte Vechhio
Of course, Las Vegas is the city of make believe...
However, the rest of the place was more as expected.



Definitely a nice vacation!

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