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Still in Las Vegas
drinking bird
We particularly enjoyed our visit of the Botanic Garden. A surprising number of desert plants bloom, for yuccas to cacti, to many different agaves and others. I liked very much a small tree called Palo Verde, curious because of its green bark

Palo verde bark
It also has abundant yellow blooms

Palo verde blooms

Palo Verde tree
There were many cacti, several in bloom or about to


bright cactus flower

various cacti

There are other plants as well

callistemon or bottle brush

This is an Australian plant, called callistemon, or "bottle brush" because of the shape of the flowers. These are mainly red, though the size of the shrub varies, and looked as though they were dipped in gold. There were also desert bluebells and California poppies.

desert bluebells

California poppies with  sempervivum

In front of these poppies is a mass of peculiar looking sempervivens (hens & chicks).

I will post my last photos later.