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Cold January!
drinking bird
We have been having a very cold January, with snow, ice, etc. So here are some pictures to show you;

snowy backyard
This is the view of my tiny garden from my bedroom window.

the wood beyond
And this is the wood behind it.

Deer often go through these woods. This morning, I saw some scrounging for vegetation in the snow.

This little fawn was resting, while Mama and a friend checked...

His mother came over, then they all trotted off. I am happy as long as they don't come to feast on my azaleas, as often happens!

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On the picture snow always looks so pretty and calm - but in reality it's quite annoying after a few days ^^;;;

I think your garden isn't tiny at all :-)

It must be very lovely to live somewhere where the deer comes this close (as long as they stay away from the garden and crops you are growing there!)

It is tiny. It actually is only from the large tree on the right [dark trunk] to the other side of the large shrub in the bottom left of the picture. There are no fences between the gardens. We are the second of a row of 5 townhouses. I have put in the shrubs for separation. At the rear the dark line is a low "retaining wall" because there is a steep slope.

We have planted everything but the tree [a maple], and the larger fir tree. The shrubs on the left and the right are rhododendrons, which are superb in the spring.

We have a lot more animal life than we need. In addition to the deer, I have seen an occasional fox, 2 coyotes, a groundhog lives next door. Of course we also have resident rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks! Europeans have no idea of the wildlife you get in suburban gardens in America. We are within city limits, but the city is a suburb of Washington.

The deer are so cute.
Nice photos. I bet it's cold, but at least you guys have it warm inside. ;)

you take such beautiful pictures! the ones of Japan are amazing.

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