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Shoren-in is a Buddhist shrine near Higashiyama subway station, not far from Chion-in temple. It was first built in the 13th century, and for a long time closely connected to the imperial family,of which its high priests were members. It has some very old trees, amongst which centuries old camphor trees. It is largely ignored by visitors and tour buses, which makes it a wonderfully peaceful place to visit. As you approach, there is a small building to the right, with a couple of superb old trees.

a closer look at those roots!

There are some nice paintings on doors and elsewhere:
door painting

painted screen

You can view the garden from the rooms, in particular the Kachoden drawing room:
But it's most pleasant to retrieve one's shoes and go strolling.
looking down the hill

garden glimpse

small bamboo grove

stone bridge

camellia sassanqua

in between buldings

To me, this was a most satisfying visit. This temple really deserves to be seen, but of course, the peace and quiet are one of its charms!

The following day, I visited several subtemples of Daitokuji. I had the privilege of seeing them withe my good Kyoto friend Aya. I will be posting those pictures soon!

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