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Kyoto: Eikando
drinking bird
The first shrine I went to on this visit was Eikando. Unfortunately, it is quite well known, and there were a lot of visitors, including large number of Koreans, and even some Chinese tourists. It is a Buddhist temple, founded in the 11th century, starting from the villa of a Heian noble, who gave it to a priest. There are several buildings, connected by wooden corridors. Here is the first:

From there one has a choice of paths, so, at random, here are some of the views:
a bridge
and viewed from the other side:

the other end of the bridge

A riot of reds
red tracery
The Tahoto pagoda is famous, here is a glimpse of it:
Tahoto pagoda glimpse
A green part of the garden:
stele and mossy rock
And one last view of the pond:

The only problem was the number of people, which kept increasing. I was glad I had arrived relatively early. When I left, a whole busload was arriving!

The next day, I went to Shoren-in, which was almost deserted. Such a pleasant contrast! I will put up the pictures soon.

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Oh, so lucky!
I wanted to go last year when my family came to visit, but as we had to go on a long weekend Kyoto was so insanely crowded, we didn't make it on time. They closed their doors right in front of our eyes and there was already a looooooooong line of people waiting to get night tickets for the illumination.
My family was exhausted and didn't want to stand in the cold for 2h, so we gave up.
I was thinking about going this year again, but as I only could go during the weekend yet again, I decided not to! ^^;;

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