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Visit to Japan, November 2013

I returned from Japan just a few days ago. This was a trip in search of the famous autumn colors. After a couple of days in Tokyo, I headed for Gunma, just north of it. It was noticeably colder there, which means that most of the leaves, still barely turning in Tokyo, had already fallen. Nevertheless, I arrived in Takasaki, and then set off at first for Karuizawa. I am afraid the town had a real off season feel about it. Very few people about, and no taxis. Because of time constraints, I had planned on taking a cab from the station to go see Shiraito Falls. Because they are not spectacular, I decided to give up that trip and just go to Kumoba Pond, which is walking distance from the station.

The town is a summer resort, and there were a certain number of nice summer houses on the way, and finally I saw some nice colors!

still karuizawa
Then I came upon the pond:

Kumoba Pond
Very few people were walking there, and it was quite peaceful.

The evening was very clear, and I could see the mountains from my hotel window.
evening view of the mountains

The next day I went to Haruna Jinja, on the slopes of Mount Haruna. The consensus was that it was too late in the season to go to Lake Haruna, and this was the alternative. I will post my pictures of it next.

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