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As I said earlier, Colmar was downright hot. The old city's café terraces, fortunately shaded by umbrellas, were crowded by tourists seeking relief from pints of cold beer and assorted drinks. That evening we walked to a restaurant for dinner, conscious of very threatening clouds. We had barely sat down that thunder claps exploded with a big downpour. Luckily, it was finished by the time we left, and the air had cooled down considerably.

The city was luckily not severely damaged during WWII, and has a well preserved old town. There is an interesting museum. the Unterlinden, housed in an ancient convent. It is easy to walk around and see all the sights of interest.

There is a large Gothic church, St Martin, built of the pink sandstone characteristic of the Vosges mountains. It is used throughout Alsace for churches, castles, and at least the lintels and door frames of houses. The sandstone varies in tone, giving a curious effect:

4 -Collégiale St-Martin
Not far away is a well known house, la Maison des Têtes, so called because of the stone heads on the façade.


We went on to look at a variety of old houses, it is a pleasant city to stroll in.

Here is one of the oldest ones [check the date!]

1 -one of Colmar's oldest houses

2 bis -

3 - the corner
This is the rest of the house at the street corner.

Next is one of my favorite areas, the so-called Petite Venice, really too big a name for an area of fishermen' s houses along the Lauch river.

5 -Petie Venise

6 - Huddled houses

And a last view from a bridge:

7 -another view

You can hire boats to go along the river.

My next post will be about our visit to Strasbourg, so do come read it!

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