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Canada glaciers and lakes, continued

The Maligne river flows into the lake of the same name. It is a rather small, rapid river:

the Maligne before the canyon

Its course gradually narrows and becomes a deep canyon:

Maligne canyon

This enlarges slightly after some falls:

the stream

And then, it disappears into a cave!

flowing towards a cave

But when it emerges, it flows here:

Lake Maligne

One can take excursion boats around the lake, in particular to get closer to the tiny island up on the left, "Spirits Island". Actually, it is connected to land when the water is low, and is only an island at certain times.
Here is another area of the lake:

Lake Maligne 2

A last glimpse:

last glimpse, Maligne

We finished the trip and Vancouver. It is a nice enough city, But truly not terribly different from other large cities of North America. I did enjoy very much visiting the Aquarium, though, and the Nitobe Memorial Garden, a Japanese oasis at British Columbia University. This was a huge contrast to the mountainss and lakes vistas, but most enjoyable and attractive nonetheless.

lush moss, Nitobe garden
I guess it rains there as much or more than in Japan, to produce this lush moss!

traditional bridge, Nitobe garden
A very traditional bridge.

wooden bridge, Nitobe garden
Another bridge.

This garden, in a way, prepared me for my trip next October, when I return once again to Japan. I will be returning to Nikko, Sendai, Matsushima, and Hiraizumi. I also plan to discover Ise, and visit Nagoya a bit.
Naturally, I will take lots of photos!


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