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Canada glaciers and lakes
drinking bird
As we progressed into Canada, we came to a rather wild river:

wild river

We encountered some curious formations, called "hoodoos", which are also seen in Utah and

curious hoodoo formations
They are a result of erosion affecting diversely the various rocks.

more hoodoos

Then we approached the Columbia Ice Fields, and more precisely, the Athabasca glacier. These are parts of it:

small glacier

Athabasca glacier

This is an imposing glacier, though it has been retreating like most Northern Hemisphere glaciers. They advanced in the 17th and 18th centuries, covering houses in various areas of the Alps, for instance, and now they are retracing their steps, so to speak. We boarded special vehicles with huge ridged tires to get up on it.

rather dirty glacier...

This photo was taken against a very bright sun, so it makes parts of the glacier look grey, when they were simply in shadow. It is actually somewhat dirty where many people have walked. In the little crevasses runs very clear and light blue melt water.
In spite of the sun, it was actually quite chilly, in part because of the altitude.

After our glacier visit, it was time to go on towards the famed Lake Louise. It is a rather large lake with a large, old, ugly, luxury hotel by the side of it. It is a well known resort both for hikers and skiers.

glimpse of lake Louise

Lake Louise 2
The cloudy blue green color is due to the powdered rock in suspension in the water, brought down by erosion.

Lake Louise!

We kept on traveling in the Rockies, and I will show you next my favorite lake. Here is a glimpse of it:


Try to ignore the cabin on the left. In my view, it is even better than Lake Louise. It is failry large [22km long] and much liked by hikers.

More pictures coming!

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Once more: Very nice pictures.

I was just wondering whether it was very cold up there and then you answered my question in the sentence under the next picture :-)

Did you use some boat etc?

We used a motor boat on Maligne Lake, but not Lake Louise. A rowboat or small sailboat would no doubt be even better and very pleasant on either.

OMG! The landscape is so beautiful!
I'm totally in love with that last photo! I really want to visit like RIGHT NOW!! ^-^;

I do hope you do get to visit it, if not now, at least in the not too distant future. It is a beautiful place, isn't it?

Thank you! ^-^
Oh yes! So beautiful that you can't believe it and want to see it with your own eyes!! ^^

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