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Glacier Park continued, Canada!
drinking bird
As you climb on the road in Glacier Park, you get above 2000 meters. Here is a view of a little river below:

a little river at the bottom

Here are some of the peaks, shrouded in clouds:

clouds over Glacier

But even high up, you get to see some pretty wild flowers:

beard's tongue 2
This is beard's tongue, a wild type of pentsemon.

mountain gentians

And these are mountain gentians.

There is a beautiful lake in Glacier Park, Lake McDonald:

Lake McDonald, Glacier

After admiring the park, we started driving towards Canada, seeing of course various rivers and forests along the way.
fairy chimneys near the river

I think that one unexpected item about Canada is the amount of wild life we saw. Well, some of it didn't seem all that wild:
female big horn sheep
This is a female bighorn sheep. Yes, her horns aren't that big, because she's a ewe. But to me the strangest thing was her coat, more like a deer's than a sheep! Here she is again, with friends, looking for some handouts:

big horn sheep

Much more impressive were the bears. And no, they were not looking for handouts, nor really paying any attention to us:
black bear 2
This is a black bear [though they can be other colors, we saw three more that were brown].
Sorry the picture isn't very clear, as it is quite hard to photograph from a moving bus, and err, didn't want to get any closer..

This, as you may guess, is a grizzly. It "made our day" to see it. It is rather small, as it is young. The poor animal had been injured at some time, as it couldn't put its left rear paw down. It din't seem to concern him, though, as he kept foraging through the bushes. The photo is thanks to my friend Jean, as my camera's batteries died just as I was trying to take the picture!

I will be posting soon some photos of Canadian lakes, with which I fell in love. In fact I thought the Canadian Rockies even more impressive than Glacier Park.

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Actually, those sheep were not in the city, it was in the mountains at a view point. But clearly they have gotten used to people.

The mountains are indeed rather empty of people there. In fact the population density is quite sparse.

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