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A trip to the West

I had never been to the Northwest states, nor to Western Canada, so I decided to remedy this lack last month. I started in Seattle, and set out to cross Washington State, northern Idaho, and visit Glacier Park in Montana, going on later to the Canadian Rockies. We stopped along the road to photograph this lake:

I am not sure what it is named. We then saw some very interesting formations, apparently the result of a cataclysm millions of years ago. This brought a quantity of lava, which was then massively eroded. It is called Dry Falls:

We went on to Idaho, visiting an ancient Catholic mission, Saint Cataldo. It was built by Jesuit missionaries among the Coeur d'Alene Indians in 1848. Father Ravalli, an Italian born Jesuit, was responsible for the design. He built the church with the help of the Indians, but did a lot of the work and decoration himself, including the sculpture of some statues [in wood].

This is the interior of the mission church

Coeur d' Alene lake, nearby, is quite pretty
Coeur d'Alène lake

Glacier National Park was our next destination. The drive towards it is exciting.

It gets progressively more rugged

more clouds...
road to Glacier park

I will continue with more pictures of Glacier Park in the next few days.

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