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6 days on a Greek island
drinking bird
Last week I came back from a trip to Europe. I was in Milan for a few days visiting one of my best and oldest friends. Then, with a group of her friends [most are my friends too] we went to Karpathos in the Dodecanese. It is close to Rhodes and the Turkish coast. It was a lazy holiday, given there is little of note on the island, outside of the pretty coast and its beaches. Unfortunately the water is not potable, so you need to buy some large bottles of mineral water everyday.

We stayed at a smallish hotel a short distance from 3 pretty beaches. It has the usual blinding white exterior, lots of bougainvillea vines climbing the walls, red hibiscus in the little garden.

Here is the bougainvillea on the trellis over my terrace:

A view of the pool area from my terrace

My room window and door

A typical beach

the coast is jagged

The view from another small beach. You can see a very typical small church on the hill, and, of course, a cafe

Some idle fishing boats

Last photo, the hills of the interior, with a heat haze blurring things. On the extreme left you can glimpse a distant bay. The sea is never very far, this is a small island.

The terrain is rocky and rather poor. Olives trees grow in some places, but there is little else. Anyway the goats eat what's left of the vegetation!

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Wooooow!!!! So beautiful!!
It makes me miss Europe quite a bit! ^-^;

It is beautiful, at least the coastal part of it. I love the Mediterranean.

Me, too!
Before Japan Italy used to be my favorite country! :)

I've only been to Greece twice (back in the 90s), but everything looks as lovely as I recall it *.*

Even though there aren't that many attractions on that island, just walking around and not feeling pressured to do anything (except for buying water), sounds like a nice break from the usual rushed days at work.

Did you rent a car to get to other places there? (and... does that island have it's own airport?)

The island does have its own airport. My friends chose it because it has direct flights from Milan. There are some other flights, and certainly at least to Athens.

There are rental cars available. There were several of us, we rented a car for five of us to go explore the island. Basically one road that goes across from where we were, goes up the west coast, and then crosses back over the hills to go down the east coast. It was all fairly cheap.

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