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Tosa Kure and Uwajima
drinking bird
The next stop after Kochi was Tosa Kure. The train I boarded to get there was the shortest I have ever been on: only one car! Unfortunately, it was raining lightly all the way there, and the clouds were so low I saw little of the scenery.

Here is the view from my window at the ryokan:

and on the other side, Tosa Kure harbor

The next morning, it was still raining, and I left with few regrets for Uwajima.

I arrived there with pouring rain, and was very grateful for my hotel being just above the station. The next day, while it was overcast, at least it didn't rain, so I set off to visit sites. First was the smallish Uwajima castle, which is the original one.

From the castle, there is a pretty good view of the surrounding countryside.

I went on to the Date Museum, Date being the family that ruled the area from the early 17th century to the Meiji Restoration. It has an interesting collection. There is a small garden outside, where some wisteria was blooming.

From there, it was a short walk to a beautiful garden, Tensha-en. It was designed in the mid 19th century. The Date lord who designed it loved wisteria and bamboo, so they are much in evidence. The wisteria smelled delicious!

the lake seen through some bamboo

a white wisteria bridge

a path by the bamboo grove.

To be continued!

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And there I thought the Enoshima Line in Kamakura was short, but one car beats everything *gggggg*

I love the view from your room (imagine how it must look under really, really good conditions *.*)

Is the Date family the same as from Date Masamune? o.O (wasn't he supposed to be all the way up in Sendai???)

white wisteria bridge = ♥♥♥♥♥

Yes, it's the same family. This was the branch started by Musamune's oldest son, but by a concubine, so he couldn't inherit the Sendai domain. His father made over to him this province that he had received from Ieyasu.

Too bad it was raining.
If it helps you. In April I was out traveling during a typhoon. Me and my camera got completely soaked. Same now during my GW vacation. I spent my nights using a hair dryer to clean all my clothes, backpack, shoes. And not just one day, but almost all 9 days of my vacation! :(

I really loved Kochi. I went in spring and the weather was good at that time, too! ^^

One always has to be prepared for rain in Japan. I got soaked myself a number of years ago. The very next trip, I came prepared: I spray my shoes, my pants [from the knee down, my jacket, and any bag with water repellent. This really works! Kiwi is the brand I use. They make 2 kinds: heavy duty [for camping gear] and regular. The heavy duty is best for shoes, but a bit smelly, so you have to let them air for a few days.

I have been out in downpours since with no problems.

Of course I also take a light nylon raincoat which folds in its own pocket, and an umbrella. Though the latter isn't much use if it's windy.

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