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Kyoto [continued], Tokyo
drinking bird
On my last day in Kyoto, I decided to go back to Sanjusangendo and to Shôsei-enI will not post pictures of Sanjusangendo because I have before. Shôsei-en is a rather large strolling garden about 8 blocks north east of Kyoto Station.

That morning started off fairly sunny:

View of the roof of Kyoto Station [and a fragment of Kyoto Tower] as seen from my hotel window.

But of course, by the time I got to Shôsei-en it had clouded over, though the air was warm.

a covered bridge

another bridge

a resident heron

stone bridge

This is probably not the best time to visit the garden, as later it has colorful maples, sakura in the spring, and waterlilies in the summer. But I think it is always lovely.

I then returned to Tokyo and found time to walk over to Shinjuku Gyoen, a large park an easy walk from Shinjuku Station's South Exit.

one of the ponds

Kindergarten kids having a picnic. Actually I saw many people having lunches on benches or on the grass

the skyscrapers are close by!

a Chinese style tea house

I saw several early camellias in bloom [the single-flowered sassanquas]

pink camellia [with visitor]

Last view of Tokyo from my 31rst floor window [the large dark mass is Meiji Park]

As usual, I was sorry to leave, but I shall return!

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