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More about Shuzenji

I had several agreeable walks around Shuzenji. The shrine is fairly attractive.

purification fountain

I rather liked several stone statues near the building.

A version of Hotei [the "laughing Buddha].

Then I went to Yoriie's grave.

this is Shigetsuden, a library for Buddhist sutras that Hojo Masako, Yoriie's mother, had built in prayer for the repose of her son's soul. It is the oldest wooden structure in Izu [early 1200s]

From there, I went to look at Tokko no yu, next to the Katsura river. It's the oldest hot spring in Izu and a symbol of Shuzenji. The name derives from the legend of it springing after Kobo Dashi hit a rock with a stick. Unfortunately, nowadays it can only be used for a foot bath.

the footbath is under the little wooden structure near the building

One goes walking along the Katsura river on the Chikunin no Komichi. There is a pretty bamboo grove.

one of the bridges seen through the bamboo

blooming camellia shrubs

and tricyrtis [toad lily]. Those are fall blooming a bit orchid like flowers, very easy to grow.

Next, Kyoto and Nara!


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