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Another trip to Japan

I recently returned from Japan, where I spent two weeks, mainly exploring Izu peninsula, and visiting Kawaguchi area [one of the Fuji Five Lakes.

While Tokyo had been sunny, unfortunately Kawaguchiko turned out very cloudy, and it fact rainy. It started raining when I arrived. The next morning it was pouring, sheets of rain pounding on my window, so I was marooned at the hotel. In the afternoon, it stopped for a while, so I hurried outside to go walking around the lake.

The lake from the hotel garden

I trotted along, but there was nothing remarkable. I saw a curious memorial arch

And some peculiar lichen

The sky had some odd clouds

But they soon turned ominous

so I hurried back, and just in time, as it started pouring again. Naturally, the next morning, as I was leaving there was beautiful sunshine. You could even get glimpses of Fuji-san [though cloudy on top]. I proceeded down to Mishima and there took the train for Izu-Kogen.

Once at Izu-Kogen station, you can get a bus which takes you to  the Yogazaki coast. There is an pleasant walk in a wooded area, then you get to a lighthouse and a fairly famous suspension bridge. I am not too fond of suspension bridges, but this one was quite firm.

a view from the bridge.

Then I took the provided
shuttle to the Akazawa Geihinkan, which has to be the best ryokan I have stayed at. I had my own rotenburo  in my private garden and a lovely bedroom.

The ryokan is quite beautiful, with tasteful decor. And the food was great as well.

sashimi appetizer [the little dish on the upper left is lobster...yummy]


Frankly, I hated to leave! I took the train next to Shimoda, near the southern tip of Izu. This is where commodore Perry and his black ships landed in Japan in 1854.

A representation of the kurofune [black ships] at the station in Shimoda.

I will continue soon!


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