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More about Bulgaria

Bulgaria does have many interesting sites. We stayed next in Plovdiv, which has some Roman ruins, a mosque, and a Turkish looking old town [the latter is paved with some of the worst uneven stones I have encountered].

Remnants of the Roman theatre

Glimpse of the mosque

I thought these houses looked rather like old Turkish ones.
We visited an old village one day, now a sort of artists' colony, quite attractive.

A wooden balcony

Afterwards, we visited some Thracian tombs. They date from the 3rd century BC and have some remarkable frescoes.

They are located near the Shipka pass memorial church. It commemorates several battles that took place there in 1877 and where the Ottoman army was definitely beaten.

We went back into the Carpathian mountains [lovely forests] and visited the Rila Monastery. It was founded in the 10th century, but the buildings date from the 14th, with many additions and modifications.

The church

The entrance porch

The monastery buildings surround the church

An interesting pattern

A balcony

The tower, one of the oldest structures [with gift booths below]

I will spare you from looking at the rest of my photos of Romania and Bulgaria. Till next time!


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