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I should mention that at some point in Romania we went across the Danube. I managed to capture a glimpse of it through the bus window.

Then in the mountains we crossed over into Bulgaria.

The first city we stopped in was Veliko Tarnovo. The city is spread out on several hills. I had a decent view from my window.

An ancient church and the old city walls

More from my window.

The hotel was very close to one of the segments of the old town, so I went up to explore it.

A typical street

I liked this one

A more modern bit.

We went to visit a old farmhouse, dating from the Turkish occupation, which lasted almost 5 centuries, up until the 1870s. The Turkish influence is fairly obvious.

This is the divan where guests were received.

A newborn's hammock in the lying-in room

The women's corner

a fireplace

a door

the kitchen's ovens

Side view of the house.

Finally, one of the many kittens we kept encountering.

To be continued!


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