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More about Romania
drinking bird
We were now in Transylvania. The next city we visited was Brasov.  It has interesting old houses as well, and the countryside is nice too, with trees and mountains.

Typical street, Brasov

A back street

Interesting corner decoration

A glimpse of the church tower, and tourists...

We visited the Biertan fortified church. It has surrounding walls and towers.

Defensive gallery and tower

The outer wall

Gate guard structure

Next, we went to Bran castle, better known as Dracula's castle. Of course Dracula is fiction, but inspired by a real local lord, Vlad Dracul, known as Vlad the Impaler, not a pleasant character.

an old farmhouse on the way through the forest


Last staircase

the inner courtyard

view from above

A cozy fireplace. The interior was improved by Marie of Romania in the 20s and 30s.

To be continued!

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Fortified church *sigh*
Things like that make it just more obvious how tough former times were (and well... that religion is not always that peaceful and that even harmless priests were attacked... though most likely the church offered shelter to the people of the city and thus the defensive measures are needed. Back to the start and not very peaceful history in Europe)

And you paid to be allowed to use them? ^_~

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