November 27th, 2012

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Japan October visit [the end]

I arrived at Kashikojima and noticed lots of pearl shops, I then went to look for a boat to see Ago Bay. The bay is a big center of pearl oyster production, and one can see the parks between the small islands. I was unfortunately directed to the place where you book passage on of these awful galleons. They told me there that was the boat to take. This is actually untrue, there are smaller boats that do take passengers and are able to sail between the smaller islands, but I found out too late.

So I boarded the silly ship with a large number of Japanese retirees [only about 5 or 6  younger people]. It was comfortable, but really just gave an overview of the bay. A big point of the trip was the stop at a Mikimoto outlet to look for pearl bargains. I felt as though I was on one of those tourist buses that take large groups to whatever you shop for in a given place [coral in Pompei, jewelry in Thailand, etc.
]. I did take a few pictures:

oyster parcs
The floats and poles indicate the oyster parks.

Ago bay

some more small islands.

Collapse )
We got fairy close to one:


The next day I left Ise and went on to Nagoya. I find it an interesting city. I unfortunately didn't manage to visit Inuyama castle, due to lack of time. I will have to return! I did visit the aquarium, which is large and quite interesting. It is easy to go there by the subway. It is at the port, where one can see also the Fuji, the ship of the Japanese Antarctic expedition [featured in Kimura's Nankyoku Tairiku]. I am very fond of aquariums. I will spare you most of the pictures I took. However, here are a few:

reef 2
I love the tiny bright fish. Then, this very peculiar giant shell:


Afterwards, I went on to the penguins:

These, of course, are Emperor penguins, large and ponderous. I think I liked these even better:


It was now time to return to Tokyo. On my last day, I took advantage of the sunshine to go to Rikugien park, one of my favorites, though it was too early for autumn colors. I was impressed by all these gardeners trimming a tree:


I suppose that's what it takes to maintain a Japanese garden! I counted 6 guys. Did I miss one?