May 7th, 2012

drinking bird

Uwajima and Kotohira

I still had some time in Uwajima, so I decided to go visit Taga-jinja. This is a very ancient Shinto fertility shrine. On the way there I passed on a bridge over the little river, and saw one of those ever present egrets:

Here is the courtyard of the shrine

slightly peculiar statues...

Collapse )

And then, the main shrine, which is a rather small building with a very noticeable symbol.

I will spare you the view of other rather err, obvious statues. Next door is the sex museum. I confess abstaining from a visit. For those interested, the entry fee is Y800, and it costs Y20,000 [!!!] if you want to take pictures.

I stayed overnight in Matsuyama, but, as I reported on it on another occasion, I will skip it this time. So next stop was Kotohira. I was lucky with the weather there. The sky was promising that evening

and indeed, the next day was lovely, clear, not too warm, and with a light breeze. This encouraged me to climb the 785 steps to the main shrine of Kompira-san. [It is another 1000 to the inner shrine, where I didn't go]. I had posted pictures of my last visit, but here are a few more

a fountain, on the way up

the main shrine

side view of the shrine

I was staying at a truly wonderful ryokan, the Sakura-no-Sho. It has one of the best onsen baths I have been to. There is not only a large main pool, but also two outside small ones. The first had bags of oranges floating in it for the scent

the other has lovely roses, with the nicest perfume

I really hated to leave. The rooms are super comfortable and the food delicious, as you might expect.

But I was a traveler on a schedule, so I left for my next and last stop on Shikoku, Takamatsu. I will report on it in my next post.