September 18th, 2011

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Trip to Romania and Bulgaria

I recently spent about 10 days discovering Romania and Bulgaria. We had great sunny weather almost the whole time, though a little hot at times! We started in Bucharest, which is a pleasant city with parks and trees. We saw the Metropolitan Church, the first of many orthodox churches we visited. Unfortunately it's usually the interior that is decorated, and you are, most of the time, prevented from taking pictures inside.

Here at least is the porch. Then we traveled to the mountains, towards the old city of Sibiu.

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It is an attractive old town, with well kept older houses. A busy market was taking place, with lots of gypsies selling their wares, mostly copper utensils and wooden items [rather crudely made].

The town Hall

Continuing in the Karpathian mountains, we visited the Curtea de Arges monastery, which was rather too well attended! So many people that I got a bit claustrophobic in the church. Add the heat...

This is the church seen from the rear, partially hidden by trees.

We also went to the 14th Century Cozia Monastery, which I found very attractive.

As you see, it was crowded as well. so I sought relief in the gardens.

It was very cheerful, with lots of bright flowers. The monastery appeared well kept, with flower pots in the windows.

The rear of the church seen from the garden.

I will continue my report as time allows!