May 11th, 2011

drinking bird


I just want to show off some of the azaleas that are presently blooming in my small garden.

This is one of my favorites, Koromo Shikibu. It is unique because of its narrow petals.

I have forgotten the name of this deciduous azalea, but am very fond of it.

A nameless double pink.

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Now, my large rhododendron, Caroline:

A close-up of its flowers. I am happy it has survived so well, as the neighbors' tree fell partly on it winter before last, and several large branches were broken.

And this is my purple rhododendron.

It has taken a certain tenacity to grow these shrubs, as they get attacked by squirrels, which eat the buds, and deer, which eat all they can reach. So from fall through the winter I spray a repellent [herbs, garlic and hot pepper]!