May 6th, 2011

drinking bird

April in Japan

I returned recently from a trip to Japan. I was in Tokyo and then on Kyushu. I had great weather almost the whole time. In Tokyo I thoroughly enjoyed going to see TakizawaKabuki at the Nissey Theatre, as I did last year. The show, as the other Takizawa shows I have seen, was superb. Michelle of has written an excellent report on it, so I will not bother.

I took one day to go to Kamakura again. I had not seen since a few years ago. I had a wonderful guide, Tomoko-san, and truly enjoyed my visit. We first greeted by the view of still notable but fast fading sakura. Then glimpsed a lonely heron looking for prey.

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We then went on to Hasedera and walked around. Later, we went to my favorite, Hôkoku-ji. I really enjoyed its bamboo garden, the various mossy spots and blooms. Note the fallen sakura petals on the ground. Later still, we visited Jomyoji, had some green tea and contemplated their sand garden.

On the 17th I flew to Kyushu. I will continue this in a few days.