July 1st, 2010

drinking bird

Iceland, continued

One of the interesting things we did was to get closer to some of the bird colonies. Sometimes by hiking, and another time we went in a boat to some small outlying islands.


cormorant and young

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There are some nice small harbors on the north coast, from which we set out.

One dramatic day, we went to see Eyjafjalla jokull [this last means volcano] which has been spewing that ash which interfered with flights.

approaching the volcano

so much ash, in thick layers over everything...

So we really needed to see something different, and we went to:

Godafoss [waterfall of the gods]


Gulfoss, a huge waterfall in several tiers. There is so much water coming up in vapors that you cannot get a very clear picture.

Towards the end of our stay, we helped celebrate Iceland's national day. It was rather fun to see the parade and hear the songs.

some cute and colorful kids

All in all, an interesting country. I was particularly fascinated by the use of geothermal energy. All that hot water [200 C and up] is definitely put to good use!