April 28th, 2010

drinking bird

Trip to Japan [2]

Here are some pictures of Kenrokuen. It is beautiful in all seasons.

Some cherry blossoms

Pine extending over a pond, with 2 busy gardeners in the background

Collapse )

Small tea house

mini "mountain view"

I went on to Matsue, a very pleasant harbor town on the west coast, with a lagoon that is salty or sweet according to the tides. The city is full of bridges little and small. A large old castle looms over it, the largest in Japan after Himeji. I stayed at a wonderful ryokan, the Minamikan. Here are some pictures I took there.

My 12 tatami room, plus entrance, bath, etc.

The view from my window

The ryokan's sand garden, and another bridge, from my window

In Matsue is Lafcadio Hearn's first residence. He is the Western writer who probably did the most to introduce the West to Japan and its culture. He married in Matsue and lived in a small house across the moat from the castle. His garden has been kept as he described it.

The dry corner

the small pond

Near Matsue is the Adachi Museum. You get there by a short train ride, and a shuttle bus takes you to the museum.  It has a collection of modern Japanese artists'works, and is of some interest. However my reason to go was the gardens, which I thought spectacular. I will show some photos in my next post. The I go on to Okayama's Kôrakuen, and last, Kyoto!