July 30th, 2009

drinking bird

a few more paintings

I think I should post something new. I have some paintings to show.

This is a view of the Bagan plain in Myanmar where there are around 1000 temples and stupas. Some are in ruins, others still in use. They are quite ancient, having been built from the middle of the 11th century until the end of the 13th. It is a striking place, with an eerie atmosphere at times. Not too many tourists, as Myanmar does not attract large numbers of visitors. The roads being unpaved, it is dusty as well as hot, but truly worth a visit.

This one shows a street in a northern Morocco village. They seem all painted in blinding blue and white. They are also usually very clean, although here I caught an empty bag of chips probably dropped by a tourist. A lonely cat did not seem to find much.

This is a marsh in the Camargue, an unusual French region of the Rhone delta. Flamingos actually summer here, and there are many water birds.

I am at work on a new project.