April 27th, 2009

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trip to Japan

This year of course one of the big highlights of my trip was finally being able to see Takizawa Enbujou. So, before I continue, I want to post a couple of pictures of the theater, Shimbashi Enbujou. It is actually not easy to take pictures there, because of people milling around. I finally managed at intermission to capture the theater shop (that's the permanent shop, as opposed to stands selling pamphlets, etc.) and one of the hallways. To the right of the hallway are niches with seats where people were eating their bentos.  
                 Theater shop, Shimbashi Enbujou

Hallway, Shimbashi Enbujou

takki.us has several photos of the theater.

I only had three days in Tokyo, really only two, as the first was taken up by Enbujou, and I tried to make the most of them. I was staying in Asakusa, which is a pleasant older district with a labyrinth of shopping alleys near the famous Kaminari-mon gate and Senso-ji temple. I spent a lot of time shopping in the Ginza!

But one of the things I like in Tokyo is looking at the interesting modern buildings. I found two I had not noticed before:

 "warped" building, Ginza

"cage" building, Shinjuku

Finally, one of the charms of Tokyo, for me, is its parks. Some quite recent, like the pocket parks of Shinjuku, between the skyscrapers, or very old ones, like Hama Rikyu, which is between the Ginza and the harbor. This last is unique in having salt water in its ponds, which fluctuate with the tide.

Cormorant drying its wings, Hama Rikyu park