April 11th, 2009

drinking bird

In Japan

Finally made it back to Japan!

More importantly, I have at last had a chance to see Takki perform Enbujou.I had arrived early at the theater, as I had been warned of lines, etc. But I got there so early there was only one woman waiting. So I went to have a quick lunch at the cafe across the street, and was gone exactly 16 minutes. When I got back, there were already 50 people in line! and within 5 minutes, another 50 had arrived. It was then about 11. They opened the doors at 12, and a mad rush occurred, as a crowd of determined women raced upstairs to line up for the photos. The few that did not go there ran to get their bento boxes

I have to say the sales people are quite efficient. The main problem is that clearly people get stuff for others and end up with absolute stacks. My seat was row 14, not great, but in the center, and I had an excellent unobstructed view. I was armed with binoculars, but hardly needed them.

The show is not very much changed from last year. The second half is essentially the same, with the differences just in small details. But in the first part, gone are the clog dance and the soap bubbles, replaced by a peaceful scene of the happy times in Aizu. There are some other modifications.

Where Takki last year fell from that high platform, he now falls to an intermediate level and from there to the ground. Now, when I saw it, there was a rather ominous breaking sound from the platform when he fell on it., and I had the impression that some of it gave way. It also seemed a hard fall to the ground from there. There was a general intake of breath as Takki fell and was an instant on the floor without moving. Then he got up and there was a sigh of relief. I could not help thinking that stunt should be taken out. The risk of injury is high, and the fall makes less sense anyway, if the audience can see him falling there in front of them. I could not help wondering if he was actually supposed to fall on the other side, and that something breaking in the support sent him the wrong way. If so, he must have ended with a bunch of bruises, and it`s lucky the show was a matinee!

I will give more details of the first part in a later post. I just want to say something about Sha La La and Mugen no Hane. Takki came on with this silver suit, a 3 piece with a multicolored lining. He wore a fedora, and so did the rest of the cast. The girls wore pantsuits as well . I really liked the singing and dancing that went with it. Then it segued into Mugen no Hane. They moved a sofa onto the stage. There was a pole next to it, on which a girl did some acrobatics. Then Takki came, sat down, and started singing this very jazzy song. The girls were wearing raincoats, which they took off to reveal slinky sequined dresses. It reminded me a bit of thirties dance sequences, or of tango shows. The rhythm was very catchy. To me, these two songs are winners.

I certainly hope the Dvds that come with the Cds show the dances I saw, because I truly enjoyed them. When Takki`s first single came out, most people had heard With Love, and of course he had introduced Ai Kakumei on Music Station. But this time, the songs were a mystery to me, so I was much reassured when Michelle was so enthusiastic. I agree with her!