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Something strange happened yesterday. A hummingbird flew into the garage, then it couldn't get out. It kept flying high near the ceiling, when in fact the door was open and it could have flown out easily. It would rest on a wire or metal girder, then fly about again. It kept doing that for over 2 hours. Finally, I was about to close the door because I didn't see it anymore, and found it had fallen on the car, then it slid to the floor, where I picked it up. I gently put it on one of the petunia pots outside. It seemed to recover slowly, and was gone later, I hope safe and sound.

Well, this afternoon, the same thing happened! However, the new one flew a bit lower and did eventually notice the door. He was as fast as lightning leaving!

This is the type of hummingbird we have here on US east coast. This is a female. The males are a more vivid green.

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