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drinking bird
My friend Karine sent me a copy of a French appeal to look out for baby hedgehogs on the road. Now, these are familiar in Europe, but not elsewhere, so I thought I had better post some pictures.

Don't you think they are cute?

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That is one of the cutest things I have ever ever seen! So precious! <3

I love hedgehogs sooo much (well... until they are eating. Noisy little beasts that they are *gggg*)

My parents find some in their garden every now and them and then free them, if they are caught up in our modern technique *cough*fence*cough*

I'm just confused about the pic. Aren't we supposed NOT to touch them? At least that's what they taught us in school _._

Indeed, you are not supposed to handle them. But this one was found on a road. This was part of an appeal to "look out for the hedgehogs" this spring, as they have an unfortunate tendency to cross roads.

As of course do many other animals, to their peril [and sometimes ours as well, in the case of deer]. In the US, we have stopped several times to save turtles s.l.o.w.l.y going across...

really cute~~ XD wanna try to touch it too.

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