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Short trip to New Orleans
drinking bird
I was for a few days in New Orleans last week. We just stayed in the French Quarter, revisiting favorite spots, and of course eating oysters, crawfish étouffée and grilled red fish, not to speak of desserts and lots of pralines!

Here are a few glimpses of the French Quarter, which is virtually unchanged from before Katrina.

I know there is hardly any one in these pictures: everybody is inside still at breakfast or eating lunch! Believe me, the city was very animated, and, if anything, there were rather more tourists than I would have wanted.

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I think ghosts are just for commercial purposes. We walked by our old guesthouse [where we stayed many times]. It has changed hands, and is now "the Haunted House Hotel".

New Orleans is very attractive, at least the French Quarter and the Garden District. For that matter, most of Louisiana is very pretty and interesting, especially all the bayou region. The old plantations are fun to visit. And the food is excellent.

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