mit_souko (mit_souko) wrote,

Toma and Higashi in drag!

These are some screencaps I obtained from the [French] blog of a Toma fan [ITS: Ikuta Toma san]. Credit goes to her.

Of course, it is with their costumes for one of the two  short Mishima plays they are doing, "Madame de Sade", the second one being "My Friend Hitler". You can see the poster behind the director. Higashi is Madame de Sade, and Toma is her daughter Anne. There are 4 other actors.

Toma said he inspired himself from his co-star in Hanamizuki, Aragaki Yui. And Higashi [Higashiyama Noriyuki] confided it was "a little embarrassing".

They play My Friend Hitler as men.

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