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Viaduc de Millau
drinking bird
I just want to post a few photos of this wonderful bridge. It was actually built a few years ago, and has been featured in the occasional movie.

Now, all that I have left to do is go there and drive across it!

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Wow, love the pics! Where's this bridge again, in your State? You're lucky. ♥ I think yours just took precedence over our San Diego Coronado bridge, definately. lol

The 2nd pic is really pretty and the 1st one is eye-dropping. O.O I think if I rode on it (judging from the 1st pic), since I'm afraid of heights, I think I'd faint. I probably would hesitate to drive on it. lol That's why I probably wouldn't even step on the Tokyo Tower in Japan, nor the Space Needle in Washington State, or the Toronto Tower in Canada. ><;; Yet, back in 1987, I went on a 3-wk tour to the East Coast & Canada w/my family and I went to the Empire State building and Twin Towers back then when it was still up. ~___~ I wasn't even scared back then. lol

I don't know...maybe I'll develop the guts to go on one of those towers some day (either Tokyo Tower, Space Needle in WA, or Toronto Tower in Canada). ♥ I just have to think in my mind to think of 'Takki' so I can have the strength & courage like he does w/his daring stunts to his butais. lol :P

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