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Viaduc de Millau
drinking bird
I just want to post a few photos of this wonderful bridge. It was actually built a few years ago, and has been featured in the occasional movie.

Now, all that I have left to do is go there and drive across it!

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Wow, love the pics! Where's this bridge again, in your State? You're lucky. ♥ I think yours just took precedence over our San Diego Coronado bridge, definately. lol

The 2nd pic is really pretty and the 1st one is eye-dropping. O.O I think if I rode on it (judging from the 1st pic), since I'm afraid of heights, I think I'd faint. I probably would hesitate to drive on it. lol That's why I probably wouldn't even step on the Tokyo Tower in Japan, nor the Space Needle in Washington State, or the Toronto Tower in Canada. ><;; Yet, back in 1987, I went on a 3-wk tour to the East Coast & Canada w/my family and I went to the Empire State building and Twin Towers back then when it was still up. ~___~ I wasn't even scared back then. lol

I don't know...maybe I'll develop the guts to go on one of those towers some day (either Tokyo Tower, Space Needle in WA, or Toronto Tower in Canada). ♥ I just have to think in my mind to think of 'Takki' so I can have the strength & courage like he does w/his daring stunts to his butais. lol :P

No, that bridge is in France, Center Southwest. The highway goes on to Barcelona.

These are incredible photos of the bridges! Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I'm not sure if this comment will go through. I'm not used to commenting this way.

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