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Good news!
drinking bird
I just read that Jin will be rebroadcast on prime time at the end of December, but, more importantly, a sequel is planned for next year!

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Yep, read this too on someone's twitter page. lol (yes, I belong to it now too ♥)

Anyway, do u have Twitter? If so, plez dun hesitate to add me on it. I go by the username: tackeyreiko143. Thanks! :D Maybe we can keep in touch better on there instead of here? *shrugs shoulders*

I'm still on Windows Live Msngr every day for chatting. But FINALLY, I belong to the twit-family. lol Took me long enuff. :P

No, I don't belong to Twitter, nor do I intend to join. Don't have the time. Gomen!

hahaha, it's okay. lol It was just 'a thought'. Nyway, so sry for not commenting on your intended entry on here.

Too bad I'm not into Jin. =__= Btw, do you still talk to Stephichan or anything? I haven't heard from her in like over a year now. ><;;

This is not about Akanishi Jin, but the drama "Jin", which was highly successful last winter.

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