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California [part 1]
drinking bird
I just returned from a few days in San Francisco and a short trip down the California Coast. San Francisco, as always, is full of wonderful restaurants where we had delicious meals. One of them, which we particularly liked, had an interesting underwater decor. Here is a snapshot of the lighting.

Jellyfish lights

Of course we went shopping, but also sightseeing. We did see

A very misty Golden Gate bridge

The classic cable cars, which people stand in line to board [not us]

A three-masted sailing ship in the harbor

Then we drove down the coast. We first admired Big Sur, though the weather left a bit to be desired.

Rocks, surf, mist, and some sea birds

Lonely beach

We did go inland at about the level of Watsonville [strawberry capital of California] to buy some very good inexpensive fruit. Then we returned to the coast, in the direction of Monterey.

I will post the rest of our trip tomorrow

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Strawberries still growing at this time of the year. California indeed ^^

The ceiling looks VERY interesting!

Yes, we get those strawberries till early December, when Florida takes over till early March, then it's California again. Theirs are the best!

Well, will go to SFO soon myself next yr. w/my family and in-laws (my husb.-side). Can't WAIT. They're in the process of planning it as we speak. I think we might end up going in April or something...Spring Break. That's when my daughter will have 2 wks vacation from school.

Wanna visit my cousin, Ross up there in Daly City area. Remember I told u long ago he works for a Special Effects (SPX) firm w/Hollywood movies? Well, he worked on the CGI to the 1st Twilight movie so far. That's all I know that was 'recent' of his latest work. lol Will finally get to meet up w/him when we visit. Hadn't seen him since '97. =__=

Will b staying w/my husb. aunt in San Jose (1 hr. drive away from SF downtown-proper).

kyaaaaa...Golden Gate!!! Hadn't seen that thing too since '97 w/my cousin and his roomie back then. *sniff* Lovely pic even tho w/fog. ♥

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