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Takki in Kareha no Kage
drinking bird
I just want to share this video of Takizawa Hideaki performing one of my favorite songs, Kareha no Kage


I hope you like it too!

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I love you for sharing this, thanks!

Thanks SO much 4 sharing and making this btw! *dies* I have the other one from Mich's site but, thanks 4 this special cut-version. Much better 4 me..hehe~ ♥ Nyways, I commented on both the Takki-forum and your youtube. lol I also saved this for myself so I can watch it at home.

Btw, I still dunno how to turn this into an mp3 so...gonna ask a friend of mine to see if she can do this 4 me. Thanks! XDD

akatsuru01, glad you like it. It is very easy to convert from one format to the other. You just need to download a free program [PM me if you want the name] and it will convert mkv, mp4 to avi, or vice versa, or to mp3, etc. It is simple and quick.

aaww...haiii♥ Ok, I'll email u ne. Hadn't done that in a heck-of-a-long time too. :D (so sry 4 the long absense =__= *bow*) I'm really looking forward to doing so. It's been too long btwn us. ♥

Gomen gomen I still hadn't written u an email yet! *dies* My in-laws were in town recently & stayed for 1 wk. =__= Then if that wasn't enough, had to panic-mode email a couple of fangirls on some T&T 2010 con goods via paypal too w/rushing of money, etc. U know how that goes...ugggh. Nyway...finally done w/everything now so, now I can start concentrating on finally writing u that email I owe u BIG TIME. lol :P I'd still love to cont. to keep in touch. Missed u like crazy all this time.

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